Saturday, October 11, 2014

3 Weeks Until the Tree Comes Down!

I had my pre-work confirmation visit for our Ash tree removal.  Crane secured.  Road permit in place to shut down part of MacDonald Road.  Starting process of ticket printing and selling to defray costs.  Got arborist to confirm he can do job by tankety-tanking the crane through Watson bed that has far fewer woody plants.  That means over the next three weeks, I'll be madly running around moving plants from the tank-zone to goodness knows where.

One tiny patch of that garden - lots of little Tiarella that are looking forward to being uprooted.

I had originally hoped that I'd have enough woodpeckers to keep the borers at bay - sadly no.  But these last few weeks they've been having a wonderful feed.  Can you believe the size of that trunk.  Makes me sad every time I look at it.

On to happier thoughts - this is our Canadian Thanksgiving.  Kevin and I went out for breakfast and did a short walk over at the Royal Botanical Gardens, Cherry Hill Trail.  So beautiful.  As you can see, we're still a couple of weeks away from full fall colour.

My poor camera really is starting to fade - it's seen me through almost 30,000 photos - see how these random dots appear and then disappear.  All of these photos were taken within minutes of each other - nothing on the lens, it's got to be the sensor.

A couple of weeks ago was the Oakville Horticultural Fall Garden Tour.    It was really lovely.  Too bad it wasn't better attended.  The tour started in Olde Oakville.

This garden is one I'd wanted to see for ages.

It has a great selection of annuals.

Beautiful perennials:

Lovely sweeping beds:


Summer bulbs....and check out that house plant....this is gardener with a serious green thumb:

Beautifully laid out:

A hand of applause to the fine home gardener:

One of the older homes in Oakville - the gardener had kindly set up blossom-progress-shots for us:

I'd walked past this garden every day for years - so great to be able to step over to the grassy side of the fence:

Further over in South East Oakville, the Flowers's garden was on display.  Beautiful dahlias now replace sub-performing roses:

Bits and pieces of found objects enliven dull corners:

A former swimming pool is now an Asian styled garden:

Back in the car and 5k over to Bronte Road - a very busy stretch, but you'd never know it once you stepped inside the Clayton garden:

Beautifully designed and planted, it was full of things to see:

Really nice combinations of woodies, annuals and perennials - even without the fall mum, there's still colour late in September.

I confirm that I killed that Japanese Beetle post photograph.  You are welcome Mrs. Dahlia!

Gardens like this prove, you just never know what beauty is lurking in those backyards!

Back at home, I'm harvesting the last of the kale:

And, there's very little yellow left on this Solidago now:

As you can tell, I haven't been taking too many garden pictures these past few weeks.  I have not been lollygagging, nor (sadly) have I taken up the art of serious housekeeping,  I've been taking a Digital Storytelling course through the University of Houston.  It's a free course - 5 weeks long, 12,000 participants, and completely time-consuming - hence the few posts since mid-September.  This is my completed assignment - and not too surprisingly, it has a garden theme, so if you've got 4.5 minutes, and want to check it it is:

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

It's Almost Autumn

The grass is soaking wet in the morning.  Beds that were full of colour are oozing green from their leaves.  Seed heads have replaced flowers.  We are well and truly almost done for the year.  And, it continues to be a year of surprises.  I was absolutely delighted to discover that this Hibiscus liked the cold fierce winter.  A number of years ago, I'd collected some seed from a bed that was being pulled apart outside an attraction in Nashville.  The germination was pretty good and for a couple of years I had plants - sadly, an especially cold and icy winter did them in.  This past winter was worse, but it was exceptionality snowy - so a reminder to myself when I'm doing time with the shovel that this is a good thing for my plants (and my waist line).

Hydrangeas have been fabulous.  This is a fairly new planting and look how well they've done.

Another morning walk-home-garden.  Blues, pinks and purples really are so beautiful together.

Now this is a plant that I generally kill in pretty short order every season.  Not only did this Loblaw trial plant called 'Petticoat Blue Star' survive - it thrived.  Stunning large blossoms all summer.

The blossoms of Hosta plantaginea really do trumpet the end of summer.

Without the bedding Impatiens to lean on, many of the Town of Oakville display beds have been given over to begonias.  The plant developers have done a great job improving both the plant and flower size.

We seem to have had more sunny days this fall than we had all summer.  I'm trying to absorb as much Vitamin D as I can before the season ends.

Here's a photo of 'Petticoat Blue Star' with Rex Begonia 'Shadow King Cool White'.  Considering how hard this pot has been whacked in rain-storms, I'm pleased with how it has stood up.

If you really squint you can make out Toronto way in the distance.

47 days until the Ash is removed.  Mr. Red Tail Hawk is going to have to find a new perch - much to the delight of other creatures he's been terrorizing.

Just wanted to give you an idea of how close it is to the house and why we're going to need a crane to remove it.

Makes me sad every time I look at it.

And on a completely different topic - a reminder to myself:  1.  It isn't always the fault of technology 2.  Computers don't just fail on their own, and 3.  Software isn't always to blame.  

I was having trouble with my internet yesterday.  I called Cogeco and found out that there were outages in several cities.  I assumed my problem was related to their overall problem.  When it didn't clear up, I called to find out what gives.  A very nice man told me to reconnect everything and connect it up again.  Don't know why that always makes me a bit grumpy, but it does.  Anyway when I spun the box around to reconnect it, look what I found.  Yes, those are teeth marks care of our little cat Hercules, who will now be completely banned from Kevin's office.  No, I didn't tell the nice man on the phone.  Anyone ever heard of a chew stick for cats?